Home buying is an emotional process, it takes 10 seconds for a potential buyer whether to continue in to that property or not, so it is essential that your first impression is a great one. You need to remember that many new buyers don’t have the time or desire to renovate a newly purchased home and will pass on property that do not suit their immediate needs.   The reasons you should think about styling your property The investment in Home styling is always less than your first price reduction on your home. In a tight market, professional styling will radically enhance your property’s saleabilityRead More →

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Turquoise Gem This bedroom should have been the star of the show in this one bedroom apartment but it was far from it. Changing the wallpaper and adding beautiful bedding made this bed a wonderful focal point and turned this room from drab to dreamy.     Urban Splash Manchester The table and chairs in this modern apartment looked lost, without a rug to hold it together. A big cow hide in navy framed the dining area and added that wow factor that the client was looking for. Cerise chair pads complete the look beautifully.     Coffee Break Simple design and colour scheme includedRead More →


The deep blue walls really add drama to this bedroom, when contrasted with white accessories from Ikea. The overall look is sophisticated and the contrast of colours works well. It’s finished off with striped rugs and a dark wood floor. Some simple white see-through curtains diffuse light from the window and there are some well-placed pictures to maximise the light. Choosing bed linen that echoes the room’s main colour helps bridge the gap between the dark walls and pale furnishings.Read More →