About Us

  • Philosophy

It’s All About You.

At Shape & Style we are passionate about creating sumptuous, inspiring living designed for you.Â

Making the most of the space without breaking the budget is something we excel at and have practiced over many years. We work closely with out clients to achieve an interior that is as unique as they are.


  • Services

Full Design Service

We listen to what you want and when we have a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, your style preferences and your needs, our highly experienced designers apply their artistry and knowledge to your brief to come up with designs that are personal to you. We follow this up with ongoing sessions with you where we refine the design, perfecting the interior.


Styling for Sale

Home buying is an emotional process, it takes 10 seconds for a potential buyer whether to continue in to that property or not, so it is essential that your first impression is a great one.
You need to remember that many new buyers don’t have the time or desire to renovate a newly purchased home and will pass on property that do not suit their immediate needs. Visitors want to see cosy and welcoming interior  that will help them imagine themselves living in their dream home, what they don’t want to see is other people belongings.
Getting the feeling right can be as simple as dressing the room with new accessories. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money for these changes to have a really big impact.
The process involves us decluttering, refreshing and dressing your home to appeal to your target market. We will diagnose your property’s problems and suggest solutions, including detailed design advice.
View our realisations and contact us today to see how our new approach can benefit you!

Colour Advisory

If you would like to add some punch to a neutral room or perhaps change the mood completely from vibrant to more calm we will suggest the best colour to go with.

Freshen Up

If you don’t feel the need for a full interior design service but would like some eye catching ideas on how to accessorise your interiors, or how to rearrange existing furnishings and accessories to create a new impression we will share with you our innovative ideas and come up with completely individual solutions that suit for your lifestyle and budget.

Shopping Services

Completely lost for inspiration and don’t really have time ?
We offer a per hour shopping services, where we take the headache out of finding all the perfect pieces that will compliment the room, by finding them for you. Whether its a pair of table lamps that will add that finishing touch to your bedroom or unique accessory, completing a room should be as stress free as possible.

Elegant Entertaining

We are passionate about inspiring you with gorgeous table arrangements. From birthday and dinner parties to Christmas parties and Weddings we will provide stylish designs to make your special occasion a truly memorable one.

  • Process

How We Do It

The design process is a personal one. We understand that no two people or homes are the same, which is why every project we undertake is completely individual. When we design your home with you, we think about how you wanna feel living it every day. Whether we are designing for one room or the whole house we treat it with the same integrity and dedication with a focus on comfort and quality.

  • People

Our Team

Shape & Style is a team of bright, motivated and exceptionally committed people who challenge the usual and deliver the exceptional.
As a team we have two goals; to produce spaces that our clients love and to love what we do. We all have different backgrounds, skills, experiences, and personalities, but we share the passion for style and strong believe that design is never just about what you see; it is about what you feel.